Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Mindset of a Master Network Marketer

To be a top network marketer, you need to THINK like a top network marketer.

You can greatly accelerate the time it takes you to become a top network marketer, by adopting proven thinking patterns of a top network marketer rather than learning them all through hard knocks, and trial and error.

Here are 21 PROVEN thinking patterns that will accelerate your path to the TOP.

1) Have a BIG REASON WHY you want to be successful in network marketing that REALLY matters to YOU. Let it be the driving force that motivates you DAILY. Let it be the WOOD for your internal FIRE.

2) Pick a few PERSONAL goals that REALLY motivate you. Goals that you can accomplish by having success in network marketing. Write them down. Review them often. Make sure they are YOUR goals and not someone else's. Use your REASON WHY to motivate you to accomplish your goals. Having a big reason why and goals will drive you through the obstacles you WILL encounter. Your GOALS literally force you to become the person you need to be in order to accomplish them. The BIGGER the goals, the more you will have to go through to accomplish them.

3) Have a WORK HARD mentality. There is a saying that the ONLY time success comes before WORK is in the dictionary. The harder you work, the luckier you will get. Make sure it is INTELLIGENT hard work. If something is NOT working, don't keep doing it over and over again. Try something different. Not having success? TRY HARDER, TRY SMARTER.

4) Have an ACTION mindset. One of the BIGGEST mistakes new network marketers make is they think they HAVE to know EVERYTHING about their product or opportunity before they can work the business. That mindset creates inactivity. Once you make a decision to work a network marketing opportunity you should focus 90% of your time on action, 10% on learning. This is an ACTION BUSINESS. Learn the basics, use the tools, use the systems, plug into your upline who is having success and then GO, GO, GO! The only way to REALLY learn network marketing is by doing it, not reading about it. This is CRUCIAL to your success.Don't just take action. Take MASSIVE, FOCUSED action.

5) Don't just take action. Take MASSIVE, FOCUSED action. Throw everything you have at it. Make a full commitment and GO. If you are just working network marketing as a hobby or to create a part time income you can be casual about the business. And that is OK. But if you want to create a MASSIVE income, you must take MASSIVE, FOCUSED action.

6) ACTIVITY is what creates results. NOT positive thinking. Do not wait to be positive before you take action. Discipline yourself to take action DAILY regardless of how you feel. Do something daily to build you business. Have a daily ACTION plan of the successful activities that directly lead to acquiring new customers and distributors. Discipline yourself to do it DAILY. Consistent, persistent effort is MUCH more important to your success than being a super hot shot.

7) Have a LONG TERM perspective. Stay within your budget on any and all marketing expenses. Plan for the long term. Don't take yourself out of the game by being a 90-day wonder. It takes a while to build up your residual income base, but once it starts coming in, there is nothing in the world like it.

8) You MUST really like your product and opportunity. There is no way you can have success in network marketing if you do not believe in and are excited about your opportunity and product. You don't have to have a wild maniac excitement. Just a solid enthusiasm that comes from really believing in it. A good question to ask yourself before joining ANY network marketing company is, "Would I buy this product at the retail price regardless of the opportunity?" A second good question to ask is, "Would I refer my mother to this product and/or opportunity?" These 2 questions will save you A LOT of grief from picking the wrong opportunity.

9) You business will become, how you treat it. And how you think about your business will determine how you will treat it. If you think your business is a $300 a month business, then that is how you will treat it. If you think it will make you $10,000 or $100,000 a month, then that is how treat it. Treat your business the way you would like it to BECOME, and it will become that type of business.

10) Do not be afraid of failure. You will most likely NOT have immediate success. You will make mistakes. You will not know all the answers. Your company may even go out of business. You may have to go through several opportunities before you find the RIGHT one for you. Realize success is built on failure. You only find out what works, by what doesn't. Through failure comes success. Learn from your failures, pick yourself up and ATTACK your goals. Understand fear of failure is REALLY pride. Success involves being humble enough to allow yourself to go through failure in order to learn.

11) New distributors have a tendency to think everyone will buy their product or sign up for their opportunity just because they are excited about it. And when people don't they are greatly disappointed. Operate from reality. The REALITY is MOST people will not join your opportunity or try your product. That is PERFECTLY normal. It even happens to the TOP network marketers. They just don't let it emotionally affect them. Accept that right from the beginning and you will save yourself a lot of emotional wear and tear.

12) Be teachable. You are in school. Every day you will learn something NEW if you are DOING the business. And you cannot learn network marketing any other way. If things aren't working for you, keep checking upline until you find someone who is successful. Then listen to what they have to say. They are having success for a reason. You will be temporarily uncomfortable doing new things as you develop the skills needed to be a top network marketer. Go through that process willingly and you will have success much faster.

13) Keep your pipeline (lots of prospects going through different stages of being introduced to your business) filled at ALL TIMES. The key is to always be moving so fast you don't have time to dwell on failure or rejection because you are totally focused on some positive activity that is building your business. When you let your pipeline of prospects or customers run low, you operate from a position of lack. When you have a full pipeline, you operate from a position of abundance. Confidence comes with this position and when someone is not interested, it does not affect you. However, if you only have one prospect in your pipeline and they drop out, you are in trouble.

14) Ask yourself, "What one thing can I do TODAY, to massively build my network marketing business?" Then do it.
15) The phone is your BEST friend. Master the phone and make a fortune. If you're afraid of the phone, you will never make any significant money in network marketing. Use the phone to follow up personally with all of your leads and customers. And 3-way call your hot prospects with your upline. Be yourself, be friendly, be enthusiastic and keep a smile on your face when you are talking and you'll be surprised at how much success you can have.

16) Have a prospecting mindset. Continually think about unique, creative new ways to acquire customers and distributors. And then do it. Thinking and action need to go hand-in-hand.

17) Network marketing is NOT for everyone. Don't try to talk people into the business or you will have to talk them into working the business. You can't build someone else's business for them. Your best example comes from YOUR personal success story. Some people do not want to do what it takes to build a network marketing business. Identify this quickly and move on. You are looking for people who WANT to do the business and are willing to do what it takes. Simple as that. You are a sorter, not a seller.

18) Start where you are at right now. You can't change your financial situation by dwelling on it or complaining about it. The only thing that is going to change your situation is you. Even if you are flat broke, you can become financially successful in network marketing. Just realize it will take you longer. You will have to use creative and sweat equity. But you can do it if you NEVER quit. Opportunity ALWAYS comes disguised as work.

19) Be honest and avoid all opportunities based on greed.

20) Look to God for help. Pray for blessings, opportunity, guidance, wisdom, strength and creativity. He can provide you with ALL the resources you need in your life, not just network marketing.

21) As you have success and become a TOP network marketer, realize that you are not the ONLY person responsible for your success.

Be grateful. Don't let your ego take you down. Pride ALWAYS comes before a fall. Don't forget where you came from.

Help others achieve the same success you now enjoy.

What is an Autoresponder?

The letters that go out to your customer are sent from an Autoresponder. An Autoresponder is simply an email device that is preloaded with a series of letters that are set to go out at predetermined intervals you have designated. You can choose from prewritten letters, write your own, or edit the prewritten emails to suit your needs.

You can also automatically send timed and sequential follow up messages, keeping your sales message in front of the people who join your opt-in mailing list.

These ingenious inventions will handle everything for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Not only will it do all this but your Recruitomatic system will also start to build an opt-in customer list in your Prospect Manager that you can mail to again and again.

An autoresponder can be triggered to your customers 3 different ways.

By email. You can choose a name for your autoresponder email address. When someone emails your autoresponder email address they will be added to your Prospect Manager list and receive the first in your series of messages.

By Lead Capture Form. Your prospect fills out a form on the web that triggers the autoresponder once the submit button is pressed.

Manually triggering it in your Prospect Manager. Here you can select an individual or group of prospects to send an Autoresponder message series to.

This is how it works...Rather than using very costly methods of lead generation like direct mail, let's say you advertise and use tools from your Recruitomatic system to help you follow-up and close sales. This time you send traffic through your Recruitomatic lead capture page first before sending prospects to your company website. When using this technique 3 very important actions take place all at the same time.

Your prospect is directed to your lead capture page on the web BEFORE seeing your actual website. When your prospect enters their contact information on your lead capture page they are immediately redirected to your website. This produces a page view for you and exposure to your products, service or opportunity.

Second, your prospect has immediately been added to your Prospect Manager, opt-in list and has received their first autoresponder email with your follow-up letter. Subsequent follow-up letters will be triggered at intervals you have selected at setup.

Third, you receive a direct notification via email from Recruitomatic that your prospect has filled in your lead capture form. This notification will contain all of their contact details your prospect has provided for you on the lead capture form. This way you can contact your prospect immediately if you wish to start the relationship building process.

Doesn’t this sound wonderful?

Most of your tasks are automated so you can spend more time working on your business!

Everything Starts With Lead Capture

When marketing on the Internet there is one detail you need to know and fully understand. All marketing starts with lead capture. If you have no lead to follow-up with then there is simply no way your business can grow.

This system in its simplest form is comprised of websites or lead capture pages that will present your opportunity/product or service to your potential customers. Your customers will visit your Recruitomatic website first. Here they will see some information about what you have to offer which leads them to a form where they can fill in their personal information and allow you to contact them.

This is vitally important…you MUST capture your prospect’s information so you can follow up with them. Once the prospect has filled out the Lead Capture Form they have triggered several processes that are vital to your success. The information your prospect has filled out on your Lead Capture Form has been sent directly to your Prospect Manager. This is then added to your prospect opt-in list AND an Autoresponder series is triggered that immediately sends your prospect an introductory welcome letter and a subsequent set of follow-up letters on your behalf.

ALWAYS remember! Repeated exposure produces results!

Your prospect will have to see your offer several times before you can expect them to react to it. This is a concept that all advertisers know. This is why you see companies showing commercials for the same products over and over again…You must understand this concept. Here it is again…Repeated exposure produces results!

Do NOT forget this simple concept.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Special Report for Network Marketing Corporate Executives

Special Report for Network Marketing Corporate Executives
“The 3 Biggest Nightmares Facing EVERY Network Marketing Company Today!”
And how NOT Addressing These Issues Can Put You Out of Business Or Cost You A Fortune In Lost Business, Governmental Agency Fines or Lawsuits
By Brett Rademacher
©2004-2005 NetMarkPro Global

"Brett is simply the best of the best in this industry, no one has a handle on the internet and network marketing like this dude and he has something 99% wish they had; the Passion to make it happen and the Leadership to move any project forward to Massive Success."
Doug FirebaughTop Network Marketing Trainer

When I interviewed Brett Rademacher for Network Marketing For Dummies, I knew immediately that I had found a terrific resource: someone who not only understands how network marketing works, but also understands the even more critically important component of the Internet. The Internet will shape and change the future of network marketing, and in my opinion Brett Rademacher is one of the few who will lead the way. He understands how to use the Internet to build a network marketing business. Listen to him. I know I do!
John P. Hayes, Ph.D.Co-author with Zig ZiglarNetwork Marketing For Dummies
The following is a MUST READ report for Network Marketing corporate executives.

This information is either going to be the light at the end of your tunnel or the nail in your coffin.

The deciding factor will be what you do with this information. Either way the future fate of your company is your hands right now.

EVERY network marketing company is facing the exact same 3 nightmares RIGHT NOW. And you are going to have to deal with these 3 nightmares whether you want to or not.

It does not matter if you are aware of them, you will HAVE to deal with them. And it may be a LOT sooner than you could possibly imagine.
Failing to read or act on this information will either put your company out of business or cost you substantially in lost or unrealized revenues.

Bottom line: The network marketing companies that fail to act on this information will be the feeding grounds for their competition.

If you think for one minute I might be overstating this, read this entire report and you will realize that what I am saying is DEAD ON.

NIGHTMARE #1: The NEW FDA/FTC Compliance Nightmare
The first Biggest Nightmare for network marketing companies, especially nutritional ones, is the current FDA/FTC compliance environment. If you think it’s bad now, it’s only going to get worse.

And not just the way you think either.

Just the mention of these two governmental agencies can instantly strike fear into the hearts and minds of otherwise stouthearted executives. The FDA/FTC actions against direct sales and network marketing companies are increasing at a record pace. And they will only intensify. If you think you are immune to this, think again.

A recent seminar I listened to regarding FTC/FDA marketing issues did not paint a pretty picture. And the network marketing companies that are not putting ALL their marketing into a controlled, monitored and effective system are going to be the most exposed.

With the advanced, automated search capabilities of the Internet, combined with the aggressive monitoring of print, mail, TV and radio adverting - direct sales/network marketing companies are having their sales and marketing material more readily exposed to these governmental agencies - easier than ever before.

And not just your corporate materials, but your distributor’s materials as well. If you have distributor created marketing materials running loose in the marketplace you should be SCARED TO DEATH! As far as the FDA/FTC are concerned when it comes to compliance the distributors ARE THE COMPANY. And the network company is responsible for any and all marketing materials produced by distributors

And the REALLY FRIGHTENING THING IS your competition is YOUR WORST enemy in this regard. And at this seminar I referred to earlier, they stated the BIGGEST source of complaints with the FDA/FTC is going to be your competitors. If you are doing well, they are going to look for ANY WAY they can to counter your encroaching on their turf. And if you HAVE anything that is not compliant, you are almost guaranteed they are sending it to the FDA/FTC.

If your competition does not like you or what you are doing, they are more than glad to help FDA/FTC out by sending them your marketing materials and filing complaints. And if you have a product or opportunity that is HOT and other distributors are leaving their opportunity to come to yours, don’t you think for a minute that your competition isn’t looking for ANYWAY they can to take you down. And if you have ANYTHING that is NOT compliant, this is about the surest way to do it.

Recently I had some attorneys give opinions on various TOP/HOT network marketing companies. Every single one of them were companies that you would expect to have their marketing materials in compliance. Not one of them was. It’s not a matter of if they will get hammered by the FDA/FTC - only a matter of when.

Network marketing companies typically fall into one of three categories when it comes to compliance with their marketing materials. Your company IS in one of these 3 categories.

And ANY one of these 3 is causing your company either MAJOR financial loss or exposing it to FDA/FTC action, which could cost you millions in fines and quite possibly put you out of business.

1) TOTAL COMPLIANCE: In this category, network marketing companies make sure everything they do is totally compliant by having everything reviewed and sanitized by their attorneys. PROBLEM: After this process their materials are so neutered and watered down they are incapable of motivating customers to buy or distributors to sign up. The sales tools they give their distributors are not only ineffective, their distributors are now greatly disadvantaged in the marketplace and the sales potential of their opportunity is completely undermined.
2) GOOD INTENTIONS: In this category, network marketing companies run their compliance department (if the actually have one) by what they think is the right thing to do. PROBLEM: It is virtually impossible to create FDA/FTC compliant marketing material this way. This approach will expose the company to FDA/FTC action as soon as the sales volume/distributor activity reaches the level where the FDA/FTC feels such action is harming the public. And the action is NEVER expected and could greatly damage the company’s sales, take years to recover from or even put them out of business.
3) DISTRIBUTOR SYSTEMS: In this category, network marketing companies have relinquished the marketing of the product and opportunity to the field. This can be at various levels. From company approved marketing systems all the way to no review whatsoever. This is like playing Russian Roulette with a bullet in every chamber. PROBLEMS: There are a several REALLY BIG problems with this self-destructive approach. If you are allowing distributor created marketing systems, as the company grows this will lead to the CONSTANT ongoing review, approval and monitoring of hundreds or eventually thousands of distributor marketing pieces, tools and systems.The workload, tracking, monitoring and expected turnaround time by the distributors will completely overwhelm a company and require a HUGE and VERY EXPENSIVE compliance department if they are doing it correctly. In addition, by having your marketing systems driven at the field level you are putting the entire control of your company’s marketing efforts in the hands of your distributors. That means the marketing systems could walk off at any time, and they are CONSTANTLY exposing your company to FDA/FTC scrutiny or action you may not even be aware of is happening!PLUS your COMPANY’S marketing will lack the driving force into the marketplace that comes from focused effort. Your sales and recruiting efforts will not be anywhere near as effective as they could be if you were implementing an all encompassing strategically designed marketing system throughout your entire company. If you are doing this now, you are jeopardizing your entire company and LOSING countless sales and recruits every month.

In order to compete in today’s NEW network marketing environment (See Online Audios and Ebook below for more details), network marketing companies must create BOTH retail sales AND business building recruiting systems built on a direct response marketing model using proven strategies, tactics and methods that are BOTH effective AND compliant. If you are NOT doing both, your distributors will go to other companies who are doing it.

You HAVE to have tools and systems that work. You have to have marketing messages that sell. You have to be a DIRECT SALES company. You can’t just go to an attorney for this. All they are going to do is tell you what you CAN’T say.

That’s really good. But now that you know what you can’t say. What can you say to sell the products and opportunity THAT WORKS AND IS COMPLIANT? That is the MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION and most attorneys I have discussed this with are simply UNABLE to do this.

You need to be focusing on developing a company wide FDA/FTC compliant direct response marketing system for your products and your opportunity.

When I talk about a direct response marketing system what I am referring to is a type of marketing that creates a desire in your prospects and customers and motivates them to take action and buy your products or join your opportunity. A TV infomercial is a perfect example.

In order for your distributors to be effective and ALWAYS in compliance it is imperative that you develop this type of model for your distributors. That way they have tools that work and you don’t have to worry about getting in trouble with the FDA/FTC.

And whether you are aware of it or not, this is the future of where the network marketing industry is going. Compliant marketing systems and tools that SELL for the distributors. This model needs to be developed through every component of your retail and business building/recruiting process including internet, print, audio, video, tools and other marketing material.

And by using direct response marketing systems, internet technology and automation - you will have the structure and process for keeping your marketing always in compliance and the architecture for successfully driving your sales and recruiting exponentially out into the marketplace. And when you have compliant marketing systems that work, new distributors will come in droves because that is what they all are looking for – a system that works.

And if you have a system that works, you will have explosive growth. And when you have explosive growth you will have mass exposure to the marketplace, consumer advocacy groups, your competition and FDA/FTC scrutiny. And when that happens, you definitely want all your systems to be compliant. Otherwise it is a runaway train that you simply will not be able to stop.

If you don’t know how to implement this, or can’t figure out how to do it soon you are going to be in BIG trouble down the road.

Every network marketing company I have reviewed is either trying to build their business with compliant marketing material that could not sell air to a drowning man or their marketing materials are putting a BIG, FAT target with an FDA/FTC bulls eye right on their front door.

Having FDA/FTC compliant marketing that ACTUALLY SELLS and integrated into a holistic marketing system will be your ULTIMATE competitive advantage in network marketing because so few companies do it. And when I say few, I mean you probably can’t find 5 in the whole industry.

But as this style of network marketing becomes more and more prevalent and in-demand and the FTC/FDA scrutiny goes up it will be absolutely essential for your survival. You need to start moving in this direction NOW. Like yesterday.

In addition, you want to incorporate into your training program the FTC/FDA guidelines for selling products and marketing the opportunity. This will not only greatly minimize your exposure for distributors violating these laws, but if anything should ever happen at the distributor level you can demonstrate your good faith efforts to educate your sales force on how to be compliant.

But a word of caution here. Don’t just do the “you can’t say this” routine. Give the distributors concrete tools and material that show them exactly what they can do and say. And give them real world tools that are not only compliant, but really work.

And one more thing...

The NUMBER ONE area where the FTC looks for noncompliant advertising and marketing material is mass media advertising. That means radio and TV. If you have ANY distributors running ANY type of product or opportunity ads on radio or TV that have not gone through some type of competent legal compliance review, PULL THEM OFF THE AIR RIGHT NOW until they have been.

They could already have the FTC/FDA investigating your company without you even knowing about it. In the eyes of the FTC, this is arena that noncompliant advertising causes the most damage to the public. And it is the area that will cause the BIGGEST fines and the most severe action with your company.This one piece of advice could save your company from going out of business or being fined millions if you have any distributors doing this. If you have distributors out there advertising on radio and TV with noncompliant ads and you catch it in time, you can thank me later.

AND A FINAL WORD OF CAUTION HERE: If you are one of those companies who think they can “GET AWAY” with it for awhile, I have some news for you.

With the advent of the internet the FDA/FTC are able to spider the web and monitor companies without their awareness. And by the time the FDA/FTC shows up at your door it is too late. They already have their case. And don’t forget your competitors are just looking for an excuse to report.

And if they show up at your door, chances are they are shutting you down for awhile. Maybe even permanently. Most network marketing companies do not survive a shutdown. Plus if sales are really hopping you are going to get a hammered with a BIG fine.

Trying to get away with it in the beginning is just not worth it because once your company takes off with non-compliant marketing materials it’s too late. There is no way to stop it. It’s a runaway train. It’s impossible to reign it in.

Distributors will be using materials that were provided by you or you let them create, and you will not have the time or expertise to recreate materials or systems under such a high pressure situation. It’s hard to think straight when your entire company has been shut down and all your assets have been frozen, let alone try to create effective and compliant marketing systems.

NIGHTMARE #2: The Can-Spam Legislation and Email Marketing

This is the nightmare that is going to HIT you right between the eyes like a ton of bricks and you are NOT even going to have a clue it’s coming.

“What do you mean?” you ask. Well, I will tell you.

Imagine it’s Monday morning. You arrive at the office in a great mood. You heard sales over the weekend were fantastic, and you are having another record breaking month. Everything is going soooo smooth. After all these years it has finally come together.

As you look over the week end sales report with a smile on your face, your phone rings.

It’s your attorney.

He asks you if you are sitting down, with a very serious tone that instantly kills your emotional high. You respond “Yes, what’s wrong?” a deep sinking feeling in the pit of your gut, intuitively dreading what he is about to say.

He goes onto explain that one of your distributors over the weekend sent out a spam email to tens of thousands of people and many of them were on the Microsoft Network. And Microsoft had contacted him this morning, and informed him that they would be filing suit against your company for the tune of $2 million dollars.

And it was not just this one distributor either. They had been getting spam emails from a number of different distributors over a period of months. And they were just filing them away as they built up a case. Yes they were on a lot smaller scale, but they had the proof to demonstrate in a court of law that there was consistent pattern of your company violating Microsoft’s Spam Policy AND the Can Spam legislation. And his big Spam blast was all they needed to really nail you.

As you slump back in your chair stunned, you wonder “How could this possibly be happening? We have not done anything! And we didn’t know a thing about it. And we have done EVERYTHING right! We have a Spam policy!”

Or have you done everything right?
Are you aware that a large majority of distributors in network marketing are using 3rd party lead generation and marketing systems outside of what the companies provide because what the companies are providing simply do NOT work.

And many of them are being run without the company’s knowledge. And the companies have NO idea of how they are being run or what is being said.
And if they are doing it on the Internet chances they are using lead programs and autoresponder systems that are NOT Can-Spam Compliant. And nowadays when it comes to Spam lawsuits the BIG GUYS are not just going after the people sending the Spam anymore, they are going after the companies whose products they market.

And distributors are out there everyday using them in mass. And most are violating FDA/FTC compliance guidelines as well. And if you have distributors doing this and there is legal action, you will be held responsible whether you know about them or not.

Why? Because for legal purposes the distributor represents the company and the company is most likely to have MORE MONEY than the distributor doing the spamming. The bottom line is, the attorneys are going to go where the BIG money is.

But there is ANOTHER part to this nightmare.

Not only is your company vulnerable to distributors illegal marketing efforts, but over the next 6, 12, 18 months there will be a NUCLEAR bomb dropped on the Internet and most network marketing companies and their distributors are going to get caught with their pants down. They have no idea what is about to hit them.

Recently I sent my VP of Marketing, to an email conference. This was not just any conference. This was a BIG BOYS conference. Microsoft, AOL, Earthlink, etc. We are talking all THE PLAYERS. He was as out of place as a fur coat at a PETA convention. But with all the storms brewing about email compliance and deliverability issues we needed to stay abreast of what is going on.
Well what he came back with was not only shocking, it was flat out scary. Over the coming months there is going to be the start of a gradual, but what looks like will eventually be a TOTAL lock down on email delivery across the entire Internet in the United States.

It will comprise of a combination of three different scenariosScenario #1: You will have to have your email delivered THROUGH a gatekeeper service that will CERTIFY you as being a VALID email delivery service so it will get delivered.

Scenario #2: You will have to have your own very specialized email confirmation and validation delivery system in place.

Scenario 3#: You will have to have a 3rd party service deliver your email mail for you if you can’t do #1 or #2.

In any case it is going to have a MAJOR dramatic impact on email communications, deliverability and marketing as this transition takes place. All the major players are already in place and the relationships are established. It is now simply a matter of rolling it out.

Basically this will be a Pay to Play, good old boy network type of scenario for lack of a better explanation. This is going to cost you money, and possibly a LOT of money depending on how you decide to deal with it.

But one of the scary things FOR YOU, is that MOST of your distributors who are using Internet marketing systems or lead programs are using services and lead programs that are NOT Can Spam compliant. And just like when the Can Spam legislation first came out, we saw an 80% plus drop out rate of the Opt-in email companies in the marketplace.

The same thing will happen to a lot of these network marketing lead programs and autoresponder services your distributors are using. And when that happens, it could take months for your distributors to SCRAMBLE and find certified/legitimate lead program and email services.

And if this is a big part of your distributors business building efforts, in the downtime while they are looking for new service providers, your sales and recruiting numbers will go DOWN, DOWN, DOWN.

Just to give you an idea, over the last 3 months we have interviewed OVER 40 network marketing lead companies and only a handful came anywhere close to having one type of lead that was Can Spam compliant. And when I say a handful, I mean like just 3.

And every single one of them was selling some type of lead that was NOT Can-Spam compliant.
What does that mean to you? Chances are you have dozens, or hundreds or maybe even thousands of distributors out in the field using NON Can Spam compliant leads and email services. And saying who knows what.

And just as a little insider tip, unbeknownst to the majority of network marketing companies, quite a few “leaders” in network marketing are involved in very sophisticated spamming operations running “blind ad” campaigns to generate leads. And you may think “So what, that’s not hurting anyone.” Well I have some bad news for you. These guys are REALLY spamming professionally.
And it is only going to take one campaign, a little investigative homework by a major ISP and they will track down the distributor(s) and all they have to do is go up the food chain to where the money is.

And guess who will be getting a call or letter from some high powered law firm representing a MAJOR ISP who is bent on making an example of a few people?

Each and every time your distributors spam, or send out emails to non spam compliant lead lists touting your products and opportunities they are exposing your company to the very real possibility of extremely expensive lawsuits/litigation/settlements.

It’s just a ticking time bomb waiting to go off. And when it does if you have not put all the things in place to prevent it and deal with it if it does happen you could be quite shocked at the severity with which it hits your company.

This is NOT an easy situation to deal with AT ALL. The Internet is a wide open, vast jungle with dozens of different landmines and the answer is not some simple pat solution.

But I will give a basic strategy for dealing with this.

FIRST: Make sure all your online terms of service, privacy policy, spam policy, distributor agreement are up to date with the current Can-Spam legislation and internet law. Do this NOW and make sure your distributor force knows about the updates. Include regular reminders to read these documents. Not just when they sign up.

And if you are going to run the risk of letting distributors use unmonitored lead programs and autoresponder systems you need to have very clear policies and guidelines for their use.

SECOND: This one is very important. Make sure your email system is Can-Spam Compliant. That you have proper opt-in and opt-out email protocols and technology in place. You should consider engaging an email deliverability consultant to ensure that your email system is what it should be and that you are white listed by the major ISP’s.

If you don’t know what that term means you are definitely behind the eight ball.

And you should immediately look into the new email certification protocols and that companies that offer this service so that you will be prepared and ready for what will be coming down the pike VERY soon.

You want to be able to come up with a game plan ASAP for building this into your email system.

If you are using a third party email service, you should have them apprise you of what they are doing to deal with email deliverability and Can-Spam compliance.

THIRD: Internet marketing requires an educational process for your distributors. You should make this a part of your business model to continually be training on what is compliant, what your company allows and how to use the Internet. Training is imperative.

But a word of caution here: Make sure your trainers really know what they are doing and have successful experience doing it within a NETWORK MARKETING business model. Don’t just throw an employee at it who just happens to be available or knows how to build an html email. That will probably cause more harm than good. And if you try using hard core Internet marketers or affiliate program marketers they will probably put your company out of business because their marketing model is very limited and is completely out of touch when it comes to the personal contact and relationship aspect of network marketing.

NIGHTMARE #3: Distributor Lead Programs and Marketing Systems

This is the nightmare that is silently ROBBING your company blind EVERY single month.

As more and more distributors turn to lead programs and marketing systems to help them build their business outside their warm market they are investing more and more money into BUILDING YOUR COMPANY.

This is a trend you cannot ignore and in fact the concept in general you should deeply embrace. Why? Because it means distributors are willing to SPEND/INVEST money into promoting and building their network marketing business.

And we are not just talking about SMALL change here. As distributors have become more and more aware of the power of direct response advertising and using the internet, mail, TV and radio some of them have invested upwards of THOUNDSANDS of dollars a month into their business - YOUR COMPANY!

Many are putting together advertising co-ops where distributors are collectively (NO EXAGERATION HERE) spending tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands and even MILLIONS of dollars of advertising. And with some that is in just ONE MONTH!

I hope you can see both the POSITIVE and NEGATIVE implications here. On the positive side, THAT IS A LOT OF MONEY out there building your company. On the negative side, that is a lot of money out there going towards advertising that could be a total waste and could be saying things you don’t want it to be saying.

But here is the exciting thing...
Technology combined with lead programs, mass media advertising campaigns and strategically designed automated marketing systems can not only quickly increase/explode sales and recruiting activities, but they also attract high caliber “non-networker” prospects into this industry and prior “MLM Burnouts" BACK into the business because these tools and systems are very appealing to professional, white collar, baby boomers and Generation X.

And they can truly deliver on the “creating lifestyle you desire” mantra that is so often touted in the “you can have your own home based business” recruiting message that the “bug your friends and family” go to a “hotel meeting twice a week” model offers that is neither appealing or effective.

Prospects and distributors WANT and NEED this new style of networking. But you have to REALLY know what you are doing in order to put it all together right.

And the problem is MOST of your distributors are FLUSHING A LOT of money down the toilet each and every month by using tools and lead programs that are not working, or a scam, or only getting a fraction of the results of what they could be getting IF ONLY they REALLY knew what they were doing.

Let me give you an example of why this is a SILENT nightmare for your company.

Say you have 10,000 distributors in your company and they are each on average spending just $100 a month on building their business through various business building activities and lead programs.

And for illustration purposes, let’s say 50% of that money is being flushed down the toilet each and every month due to poor advertising, bad lead programs and ineffective marketing systems (that percentage has been typically much higher in my personal experience).

Now think about this. That’s $500,000 every month going down the toilet that could be building your company! That’s $6 million dollars a year! What company in their right mind would flush $6 million a year down the toilet on bad advertising?

But that is EXACTLY what you are doing by NOT providing the RIGHT type of business building systems, advertising and lead programs for your distributors.

And if you don’t do it, your distributors re either going to try and create it on their own. OR they’ll find someone who will most likely NOT do a good job because they are dealing with them at the individual distributor’s level. Or they will simply go to another opportunity where those things are being offered.

Never, never, never underestimate the POWER of collective advertising dollars from your distributors. Properly channeled into effective advertising campaigns, lead programs and marketing systems they can create a TIDAL WAVE of new business beyond anything you can possibly put together with old style network marketing.

And the exciting thing is distributors WANT to do this. They WANT to talk to product and opportunity prospects who have expressed an interest in their product and opportunity.

Do NOT ever forget this...

If you don’t have lead programs and marketing systems installed that are specific to your company THAT WORK, your distributors are going to go elsewhere to find them. Either to other companies that already have them in place or try to create them on their own. Either way you are losing valuable distributors and properly placed advertising dollars.

And as a heads up, I can’t count the number of times I have seen leaders or aspiring leaders try to put together their own lead program, marketing systems or ad co-ops for their downline and because of their lack of experience and knowledge have lost tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars. And not only was the money lost, very often times the distributors involved with the program quit the company altogether.

I have also seen numerous companies try to do this on their own and most with such dismal failure they literally went out of business or it greatly impaired their growth.

Life is a vacuum. Voids have to be filled. If you tell distributors what they can’t do, but don’t give them something they can do - they will be frustrated and eventually quit. If you give them things they can do, but they don’t work, they will become frustrated and eventually quit the business as well.

The bottom line is, network marketing companies no longer have the luxury of signing up distributors and throwing them a distributor kit and saying “Go get’em tiger!”

And no longer can companies solely rely on personal development training programs as a crutch to make up for ineffective marketing systems. Network marketing has matured and evolved.

Experienced distributors and savvy consumers are looking for the NEXT LEVEL. And next level is network marketing companies that look at their business model like a franchise. And their #1 focus will be to create a business building system that distributors can plug into without a lot of training or trial and error.

Distributors want a lifestyle and they want a business and systems that matches the lifestyle they are trying to create. The network marketing companies that serve that up will be the winners. Why? Because they will be giving the people what they want. And that is ALWAYS the cornerstone of ANY successful business.

This new style of network marketing is very powerful and it does work. I have proved it numerous times. As a few others on the cutting edge have as well.

But it is both a science and an art involving the integration of numerous sales and marketing disciplines; personal selling, sales system selling, affiliate technology marketing, network marketing, direct marketing and mass media marketing.

This is not an easy blend to put together for the uninitiated. It requires a TEAM of people representing a unique combination of experience, a myriad of skills and a high degree of talent. And most importantly it must come from the network marketing arena, because if the network marketing background is missing, there will be a total lack of understanding of our business model and a failure to properly apply the necessary components to make the overall process work.

Make sure you hire or bring on the RIGHT team. It will make all the difference in the world. Your network marketing business success is basically based on the collective thinking of all the people involved with your company. Remember Microsoft dominated the market because of marketing and competitive thinking. Rarely did they have a better product. It is an invaluable lesson for ALL companies.

The “NEW” Network Marketing
There is a new style of network marketing today. It is here to stay. You can embrace it and adopt it, or it will be the death of your company. Why? Because both distributors and prospects like it. It’s the mechanism where the average person can now truly see themselves being successful with network marketing.

The “New” network marketing is a strategic blend of these components:

Personal Relation Oriented
Technology/System/Process Driven
Referral Based Selling
Direct Marketing Strategies and Tactics
Mass Media Advertising/Lead Program Supported
Product Focused

And it solves the 3 Fatal Flaws of Network Marketing. And every network marketing company has these 3 fatal flaws, which greatly limit its ability to fully maximize the sales potential of its distributor organization. Here is a brief introduction into the 3 Fatal Flaws. For more details see the online audios and Ebook below.

Flaw #1: Duplication
In traditional network marketing, the duplication of the success factors in the business building process is very difficult to create and manage. It is THE LIMITING FACTOR of growing a HUGE company.

For example, how do you take a successful presenter or closer and duplicate him through out the entire company? Virtually impossible.

With technology and automated systems and direct marketing strategies and tactics his successful “model” can be quickly duplicated throughout an entire organization. Plus it can updated or improved at anytime, with an amazing increase in sales results. Technology properly applied takes the fatal flaw of duplication and changes the “duplication process” into one of the most powerful elements in the “NEW” network marketing business model.

Hope this information helps you. It has cost me a LOT to learn.
Brett RademacherCEO NetMarkPro Global

Brett Rademacher and Split Second Marketing

You are about to learn exactly HOW to achieve financial independence in this New World Economy. And if you have the foresight to walk OFF the well-beaten path of how business USED to be done, then this is how your personal fortune can be made.

Hi this is Brett Rademacher.

Split Second Marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme – it is a SYSTEM for doing business in this NEW Internet based, world-wide economy. It recognises that Wealth in this new economy will be created quickly through personal electronic distribution channels. And a personal electronic distribution channel is nothing more than a large network of people interconnected through the Internet for a common financial purpose.

There has been a revolution in HOW business is being conducted today. Things that used to work, just DON’T work anymore. The skills and techniques that worked in the past WILL NOT work for you in this new economy.

For you to be successful in this new economy you need to understand how to use technology and the Internet -- much the same way you use electricity. You turn on the light switch and the light comes on! Those who don’t learn the technology will be the NEW economically disadvantaged class. In fact, a lack of computer skills is NOW a form of illiteracy. But the successful individuals of this millennium will be those that embrace and adapt these new technologies FIRST.

And as more people get used to doing business through the Internet, the more people will prefer doing business this way. Why? Because it saves them time and money. And everyone needs more of both! The Internet will become your main source for instant information, communications and product distribution.

Now before Wal-Mart came along, the power of distribution was held with the manufacturers. But Wal-Mart, through creating sophisticated information technology systems, transferred the power from the manufacturer to the distributor. Wal-Mart is now the largest, most powerful distribution channel in the world, and they literally dictate the terms of doing business to their suppliers and manufacturers. They can make or break a company with a simple yes or no.

But the distribution channels of the New Economy will be on the Internet. What else could offer you a more, cost-efficient distribution system than the Internet? You have, at your fingertips….

a virtual store

no buildings

no employees

no inventories

no commute

no long distance fees

instant access to information



automated lead generation

sales presentations and follow up

world wide communications

24-hour ordering

… and MUCH more. These NEW Internet based or electronic distribution channels WILL wield the POWER of distribution in the new economy!

And to understand why having your own Electronic Distribution channel is how you will create financial independence in this new economy, you must first understand how Forced Economics has revolutionized product distribution.

Forced Economics refers to how you are forced to do business a certain way because of what your competitors are doing. It works like this …

Say you own a gas station. And there is another gas station across the street selling gas for 25 cents a gallon. In order for you to compete you would have to sell gas for somewhere around 25 cents or you wouldn’t sell any gas at all. You are forced economically to run your business based on what your competition is doing. It happens all the time, from airline fares to long distance rates.

Well, not to long ago corporations all started spending lots of money on advertising. And if it happened in your industry and you wanted to compete successfully, you were forced to do the same. And then came cost cutting, new technology and modernization, followed by layoffs, globalization and mergers. In each progression corporations were forced economically to respond to what their competition was doing -- continually raising the competitive benchmark.

Well, now everyone has decided to get on the Internet.

But here is where something very interesting happens. Once you go on the Internet, not only does your customer have instant access to you, so does your competition. And your customer has instant access to your competition, too. So what does that mean? It means your competitive advantage has shrunk to almost ZERO.

For example, say you go to Wal-Mart to buy a lawn mower. You trust they have a good price and to drive 10 miles down the road to Sears, just to compare prices, isn’t worth it. You don’t have time. But with the Internet, it’s click, click, click and in a matter of seconds you can see who really has the best deal.

So the question everyone is NOT asking, is this. Once your company goes on the Internet and your customer has instant access to your company and your competition, how in the WORLD are you going to be able to keep your customers? Prices can only go so low. How will you keep your customers?

There is only ONE way. And it is the natural next step in the evolution of Forced Economics.

The ONLY way you will be able to keep your customers is by giving them a FINANCIAL INCENTIVE to do business with you. And by financially rewarding them to CONTINUE doing business with you! AND by giving your customers referral fees for referring new customers. That is the ONLY way companies will keep their customers in the New Economy.

And it’s already happening on a very rapid and massive scale right now.

For example, remember when AT&T was about the only choice in long distance? But after they de-regulated, the first company that called you with a lower rate, you switched. And the next company that called with an even lower rate, you switched again. You had ZERO loyalty.

But when MCI called, they not only gave you a lower rate but an override for referring your friends and family. So the next time someone called to switch you, you didn’t switch. Why?

Because MCI had given you a financial incentive to remain a customer. And it worked. It’s too hard to switch you when you have a financial self-interest in remaining an existing customer.

And in its simplest form -- that of giving you a discount price and giving your referral fees for recommending new customers -- this is what USED to be called referral or network marketing.

But the Internet has taken this to a whole new level. Have you ever heard of Amazon.com, the Internet bookstore giant? They built their multi-billion dollar business with what is called affiliate marketing. That’s where they have tens of thousands of people with web sites linked to the Amazon.com web site. And every time someone buys a book through a web site that is linked to Amazon.com, the web site owner gets a commission. Someone just clicks a link on your web site, buys a book, and you get a commission.

Amazon.com discovered this referral type of marketing almost by accident. Some lady asked to sell their books on her web site and the rest is history. But since then, affiliate marketing has become so explosive, it’s predicted to account for at least 25% of ALL business on the Internet. And Amazon.com has recognized the power of product distribution too -- they recently hired away all of Wal-Mart’s top information technology people.

But there is another even more powerful type of referral marketing on the Internet. Again this type of marketing was discovered by accident. A company named "Blue Mountain Cards" just wanted to make people feel good. And they get millions of visitors every month. And up until recently there was no commercial activity on their site whatsoever.

What Blue Mountain did was create electronic animated greeting cards that you could give to other people through the Internet for free. You would simply go to their web site, give them some basic information, then Blue Mountain would notify your recipient by e-mail that they had an electronic greeting card waiting for them at their web site. Your recipient would then go to Blue Mountain’s site, experience the greeting card and be given the opportunity to send out a free electronic greeting card to someone else.

And what Blue Mountain accidentally discovered is the most powerful and explosive form of referral marketing ever created. Viral Marketing. Viral marketing is basically a ‘blinding speed’ form of referral marketing that works on an electronic medium – the Internet. What they did was make their products or services so interesting or valuable, people can’t help but tell others about them!

But this can only happen because of the speed, instant access and interactivity of the Internet.

Now it doesn’t matter whether you call this type of marketing - referral marketing, affiliate marketing, viral marketing, network marketing or Internet marketing. This type of electronic referral marketing is the fastest, most powerful way to create wealth ever devised. And not only is this the future of business, it IS where fortunes will be made - if you know exactly how to turn on the light switch, so to speak.

And it has come of age because companies can sell their products directly to the consumer using the most powerful, cost effective form of advertising there is. Referral based marketing. But they do it through a platform that has instantaneous world-wide access and coverage. The Internet. It’s all about FORCED ECONOMICS.

And because the Internet is a virtual world-wide, inter-connected network, of 24 hour, instant access web sites, millions of people will refer millions of other people every day to web sites to purchase products and services. And these web sites will be designed to give the perfect sales presentation. And individuals will make referral commissions simply by referring their prospects and customers to these web sites specially designed to track sales through individual pin numbers. Referring them either by personal referral or through automated selling systems.

The NEW power in distribution will be held by individuals who have the foresight to place themselves into an Electronic Distribution Channel, NOW while they are at the early stages of development. Because the more people in your own personal electronic distribution channel down the road, the more money you will make.

And the individuals who have the foresight to do this will be the ones that make the large fortunes in this new economy. And once people start to realize what they can financially achieve by being part of their own Electronic Distribution Channel, they will get involved as fast as possible!

No longer will you be just be a consumer. And one of the best things about being in an electronic distribution channel is that people will stay locked in -- because there will be so much FINANCIAL INCENTIVE to stay!

With the new Internet and communication technology you can maximize your time, leverage your abilities and increase your income -- beyond ANYTHING you have ever imagined! The Internet is about speed, instant information, rapid communications, and massive product distribution. With a click of a bottom you can literally communicate with 100,000 people on the Internet. That’s power! In order to achieve financial independence in this new economy, you will have to create a large distribution channel. And there is no faster easier way to do it than the Internet.

You can do things now that people only dreamed of just a few short years ago. And the forward-thinking individuals who embrace this new technology NOW, while we are at the beginning of this paradigm shift, WILL BE the new success stories of tomorrow!

Imagine having 10,000 people in your own personal electronic distribution channel. An offer for a product or service goes out, and 1000 people in your distribution channel buy. And the average commission to you is only $2 - per person - per month - over the next year.

In the Split Second that offer went out through the Internet you would have earned $24,000 over the course of the year. And others below you and above you made commissions too, because the cost to distribute products and services through the Internet without expensive advertising brings the ultimate in cost-efficient distribution, The ultimate WEALTH CREATION vehicle. This is Split Second Marketing!

You CAN be part of a network of like-minded individuals focused on achieving financial independence in this new world-wide economy, by creating lifetime residual income through personal electronic distribution channels using cutting edge Internet and communication technology.

By being part of a network you

are totally empowered.

can have cutting-edge, state-of-the-art, tools and training for creating your own personal electronic distribution channel.

can have access to other tools and services available ONLY to the Network.

can position yourself to achieve financial independence in the new economy through this network.

So how will you achieve financial independence in this new economy? By creating your own personal electronic distribution channel and through a network of other like-minded entrepreneurial individuals interconnected world-wide through the instant access and hyper speed of the Internet.

So if this makes sense to you, get back to the person that introduced you to this site right away, because the network is GROWING FAST. And NOW is the time to JOIN!